Comprehensive High School Handbook

Comprehensive High School Handbook

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This is an e-book, not printed material.

This comprehensive e-book is packed with practical advice and strategies for all high school students and for parents to help their kids do well throughout high school and into college! 

Who It's For:
➣ Students looking for an all-in-one, comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving in High School
➣ Parents of High School Students who want to understand what their child is going through and how to support them
➣ Professionals seeking advice on how to provide support to adolescents struggling with academic and social pressures

➣ Concise format and organization allow you to easily reference information when needed
➣ Bump up your school progress, grades, projects, and test-taking abilities; learn best study methods, sports performance, have great friendships, and boost your physical health. 

NOTE: This handbook is the same for all audiences: Professionals, Parents, and Students. It is listed under each section as this product in particular can be used by a variety of people.