To Help Your Kids in School and Life, 
You've Come to the Right Place

To Help Your Kids in School and Life, You've Come to the Right Place

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How Can We Help Your Child?

➣ Here and now we solve your child's or teenager's problems!

➣ We even teach kids what they need to know for school and life before problems happen!

➣ We know what's coming and they'd be ahead of it all with workshops, programs, and practical advice books!

➣ Get solutions and achieve results in a short time span, which makes help affordable and available when you need it the most.

What is The BHIP® Method?

➣ BHIP® stands for Biopsychosocial Health Intervention and Prevention.

➣ Created by Dr. Kim Burgess and developed from years of scientific research, clinical knowledge, expertise, and findings regarding neuropsychological, physiological, behavioral, and social-emotional processes.

➣ BHIP equips your child with crucial life skills and enables parents to utilize the most effective parenting practices available.

➣ Designed to help students achieve successful and easier transitions during the most challenging and stressful times of their development.

➣ To learn lifelong skills, reduce stressors, and have positive experiences throughout childhood and schooling, BHIP provides:  

➣Workshops for Professionals
➣Programs & Sessions for Kids ages 3 ½ - 16
➣Seminars for Parents
➣Manuals, Handbook & Workbooks for all groups

What BHIP® Offers: Options for Everyone

BHIP® Professional Workshops 

Looking to implement the BHIP® programs in your practice or in your public/private school? BHIP® workshops are being offered to help professionals and schools.

Who They're For:
Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, and Counselors seeking to implement the BHIP framework and programs in their practice or business
Teachers, Coaches, Tutors, and School Counselors looking to utilize the BHIP® framework for their students

➣ Learn how to deliver BHIP® interventions and therapy to your patients and students
➣ Further distinguish your practice/school as science-driven and research-based
➣ Expand your knowledge base, allowing you to utilize new strategies for your most challenging cases

BHIP® Sessions for Kids & Seminars for Parents

The most hands-on application of BHIP® are through our Sessions and Seminars. In these trainings, we teach the BHIP® programs to children, teenagers, and parents directly either through online or in-person meetings.

Who They're For:
Kids of all ages: Option of six 2-hour sessions or twelve 1-hour sessions 
Parents: 3 hour event  

➣Kids will build strong cognitive, academic, social/ interpersonal, emotional, and relationship foundations 
➣Kids will learn how to adapt and adjust to new social and academic environments while  implementing their knowledge in an interactive, hands-on setting
➣Parents will learn how to identify their parenting style and adjust it effectively, as well as the intricacies of what their children deal with on a regular basis

BHIP® Manuals for Kids, Parents, & Professionals  

Don’t have time for our sessions, but still want to realize the benefits of BHIP®? Our manuals are the perfect solution, taking the curriculum from our sessions and putting them into easy to follow manuals. Parents, don't worry, we have manuals specifically for you too!

Who They're For:
Kids of all ages seeking to develop their social and academic skills and set a solid foundation for the future 
Parents who want to further their understanding about middle school and high school stressors, and social media  
Professionals seeking the second half of the workshop information

➣Learn how to develop all of the skills and techniques you’ll need to succeed socially and academically
➢Manual format allows you to study information, test out techniques, and make adjustments with ease
➣Pick and choose the information you'd like to learn about, or purchase our bundle

BHIP® Workbooks for Middle/ High School Students & Professionals

If you enjoy learning by doing, or having exercises you can run through to help you understand information more thoroughly, our BHIP® workbooks are for you. The interactive and exercise-based structure allows you to work on developing the crucial skills every client/patient and student should have! 

Who They're For:
Kids looking for hands-on training in executive functioning and interpersonal skills 
Parents who want to run through interactive exercises with their child and help them develop these skills
Professionals seeking exercises to work on with patients/clients requiring counsel in these fields

➣ Fosters kids to be self-motivated to try new techniques and develop their skills
➣ Exercise-based structure creates a more conducive learning environment for hands-on students
➣ Helps professionals teach practical and science-driven means of handling daily life situations or challenges

Handbook for High School Students

This comprehensive book is packed with practical advice and strategies for all high school students and for parents to help their kids do well throughout high school and into college!

Who It's For:
Students looking for an all-in-one, comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving in high school
Parents of high school students who want to understand what their child is going through and how to support them
Professionals seeking advice on how to provide support to adolescents struggling with academic and social pressures

➣ Concise format and organization allow you to easily reference information when needed
➣ Bump up your school progress, grades, projects, and test-taking abilities; learn best study methods, sports performance, have great friendships, and boost your physical health