BHIP®: Parents

How to Help your Child Adapt to a New School, New Teachers, New Friends, and New Challenges

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What Will Parents Gain?

Knowing the relation between physical health, physiology, and psychology to improve our kids’ functioning.  

Understanding early temperament and child behaviors and how to adjust our parenting when needed.  

Help your child/ teenager with social and sibling relationships. Foster warmth, honesty and open communication between you & your son/daughter. 

Parenting stress effects, how to lessen it and bring more peace. Make responsibilities like homework & chores easier.  

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Why BHIP® ?

Students these days are in desperate need of support from their families. No matter how well you think your child is performing socially, academically or athletically, they need consistent support from you.

Whether it be the overwhelming workload, struggling to balance extracurriculars, or just adapting to a brand new social environment, transitioning to a new school is a difficult and daunting task.

The BHIP® Parent manuals allow you to understand what your student goes through on a daily basis while teaching you techniques to combat common stressors for them. With advancing technology and a changing culture comes new problems to address.

This manual walks you through how to address these problems, increase your child's trust in you, and help them succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Why take our advice? 

The BHIP® program is the product of nearly 25 years of research by Dr. Burgess. Not only is it scientifically backed, but it has been proven effective in improving a host of things such as neurocognitive executive functioning, impulse/self-control, metacognition, and more.

Years of research, scientific analysis, and interviews with hundreds of students went into crafting these manuals and they come straight from a source you can trust.

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