the Risks of
Too Much
Social Media &
Video Games

What You'll Learn In The Online Seminar: 

  • That you're not alone. Millions of people are struggling with this issue.
  • Strategies for managing your kids' use (or your use) of addictive platforms.
  • How to address self-esteem and self-image issues caused by viewing images of other peoples' lives in apps like Instagram & TikTok.
  • How to communicate with your family more effectively about this issue.

Designed to Help Kids, Teens & Adults Who Are Facing Video Game or Social Media Addictions

5-Star Reviews

"Just knowing that there are so many other parents out there who also struggle to communicate with their kids was very helpful for me. Now I feel more empowered to communicate with my daughter about social media and place limits on her use because I love her and want her to feel good about herself."

"I felt like my sons were almost addicted to video games. They played games all day long to the point where it was impacting their grades in school. But after joining your seminar and hearing you answer all of the parents' questions, I gained knowledge on apps my son uses and figured out a system to balance game time with school work & other responsibilities."

Get Your Virtual Seminar

A consultation with Dr. Burgess normally costs $1,000's of dollars.
But in this Seminar you'll get direct access to her knowledge and expertise. The seminar only costs $27. It's a no-brainer if you're serious about helping yourself or your kids manage social media and video game use in a more responsible and safe manner.

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