Why BHIP®?

BHIP® was created by Dr. Kim Burgess and developed from years of scientific research, clinical knowledge, expertise, and a large body of findings regarding neuropsychological, physiological, and social-emotional processes.

Her collaborations with Professors Paul Hastings, Ph.D. and Julie Bowker, Ph.D, top researchers in the fields of child/adolescent development and physiology, have shown BHIP® itself to be both efficient and effective, an unbeatable combination.

These science-based programs not only allow the public and professionals to significantly benefit within a short time period, but also allow better accessibility and affordability of help and services - thereby addressing major obstacles for families and health care barriers.

To serve parents and children/ teenagers, we provide workshops, programs, manuals, and workbooks to help them learn lifelong skills, reduce stressors, and give them a more pleasant and positive experience throughout their childhood and schooling.