High School Handbook

How to Survive and Thrive in your Academic, Athletic, and Social Lives

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What Will You Learn?

Advice for handling the academic workload, bump up your performance, and ways to de-stress school work. Get college prep tips.

Social media tips, physical health suggestions, and more…

Raise your social life to the next level

As featured in...

As featured in...

Why BHIP®?

The BHIP® programs are the product of nearly 25 years of research, are scientifically backed, and have been proven effective in improving neurocognitive executive functioning, impulse/self-control, metacognition, and more.

This comprehensive book is packed with practical advice and strategies for all high school students and for parents to help their kids do well throughout high school and into college!

Bump up your school progress, grades, projects, and test-taking abilities; learn best study methods, sports performance, have great friendships, and boost your physical health.