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Why BHIP®?

The BHIP® program is the product of nearly 25 years of research by Dr. Burgess. Not only is it scientifically backed, but it has been proven effective in improving a host of things such as neurocognitive executive functioning, impulse/self-control, metacognition, and more!

You've probably seen and heard it hundreds of times... you know how stressful these periods of transition can be on students these days. Whether it be about academics, social life or just balancing everything, school and especially the transition between new schools can prove to be a difficult task to manage for anyone. 

After years of research, scientific analysis, and interviews with hundreds of students, Dr. Burgess cracked the code in finding ways to reduce this stress and pressure students feel. The BHIP® manuals provide easy to follow instructions for supporting students of all ages during these tough transition periods. Take your practice to the next level today!

What You Get

Our 8 Components Bundled Together!

Transitioning Successfully

Neuro-cognitive Executive Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Managing Social Media

Cognitive-Behavioral, Emotion, and Coping Strategies

Friendships and Relationships

Adaptability and Flexibility

Relaxation and Mindfulness  Techniques

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