BHIP Middle & High School Peer Mentoring Programs 

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What is the BHIP Peer Mentoring Program?

The Peer Mentoring Program (PMP) is built upon the empirical, theoretical, and practical foundations of the science-based BHIP. Studies have shown BHIP to be effective for middle school and high school students in the normative community.

We help specifically with improving interpersonal/social skills, physical health, social media awareness, academic strategies, balancing workloads, and both stress & time management.

Going much beyond an initiative, this program has trained mentors in their school who can now provide guidance to their fellow, younger students. Not only are they experienced from such training but also they have lived through your school, social, and extracurricular experiences and are equipped to give you specific tips. See some of our advice in the FAQs below and send questions anonymously to and our peer leaders will post answers here!

Meet Some of Our PMP Leaders!

Nikki Shah, Team Leader RMHS

I am a senior at Richard Montgomery High School. I’ve been part of the BHIP community since 2018 and the importance of promoting mental health and well-being in children is extremely apparent to me. I hope BHIP will inspire the formation of lots of other clubs that will help promote a more mental-health conscious society in the future.

Julia Craig, Club President RMHS

The BHIP program provides incoming freshmen with advice from upperclassmen who have recently gone through the adaptation process in high school. There are many Peer Mentors who have experienced various things, so we're able to offer different perspectives on any issues freshmen may have.

Covid-19 Announcement

Due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding Covid-19, we will not be able to run the in-person Peer Mentoring Program until school returns to normal schedule. To help you through these difficult and confusing times, our mentors put together a list of the ​questions they are asked most frequently. Our hope is that you can reference this advice whenever you have questions or concerns. If you are looking for some help with something not listed below, feel free to email us!

Some FAQs From Students Like You!